Our Story

Wholesale Importers Devon O'Keefe and Deborah O'Keefe
In winter of 2004, Devon O'Keefe, a motion graphics designer, escaped the city, donned his backpack, and headed to Central America. Falling in love with the highlands of Guatemala, he built a treehouse with a spectacular view of volcanos across a valley of coffee bushes. There he would work on his laptop, high up in his hammock, as a volcano puffed smoke and spit lava.   

The indigenous people of that region are the Maya, masters of weaving, embroidery and beadwork who live with rich expressions of color in their daily lives. When Devon sent home photos of an artisan market to his mom, Deborah O'Keefe, a designer herself, who has worked in wholesale gifts for more than twenty years, she saw the beautiful workmanship and an idea blossomed.

They decided to collaborate to create the 2OKeefes line. Deborah importing, Devon exporting, both designing, with the goal of working together as a family and helping others along the way.

The mother and son team has been building relationships with co-ops and small entrepreneurial family businesses, bringing them new designs, beads, stones, crystals and pearls to make a unique line of designer jewelry. They've since expanded to carry several lines of handbags and home accessories, always with a discerning eye for beauty and quality.


is the name of our line of jewelry and accessories.

Calico Cat Designs

is a wholesale company started by Deborah O'Keefe over 20 years ago. It is the mother company for all the lines we carry.